What Happens When I Contact You?


Over the phone we will discuss basic information, including contact information, presenting problem, insurance, and any questions you may have. If I miss your phone call, I will return it within 24 hours.


Confidentiality begins at initial contact. Confidentiality will only be broken if there is reported abuse or neglect of children, elderly or disabled persons. If I have reason to suspect the client is seriously in danger of harming him/herself or as threatened to harm another person. If there is a court order.

Teen Psychologist


What Happens At the Initial Appointment?


The therapy process is different for every person. Your first appointment is a time to begin building trust and for me to gather information about what is bringing you to therapy; including relevant personal and family history. Depending on your specific needs, therapy can be short-term or long-term We will also identify your therapy goals.

If you are seeking couples therapy, both you and your partner must be present for the initial appointment and all subsequent sessions. This ensures that I remain balanced and unbiased when working with you.





Children & Adolescents


During the initial appointment I will meet with both you and your child for the entire session. It is ideal if all parents/guardians are able to attend this appointment. 


Sometimes sensitive information needs to discussed without your child present. If this is the case, I will speak to you alone.


For subsequent sessions the more involved you can be in your child's therapy, the better. Sessions may vary between individual and family therapy. For young children, appointments vary in time from 30 to 55 minutes based on the child's attention span.

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